Demo Video

Demo of BayTripper version 1.0 for the iPhone. We're currently on version something much higher than that. We're always working on new versions, although it might be a little slow, as we are trying to graduate too. A new demo video will be posted soon.



J. Jariyasunant, D. Work, B. Kerkez, R. Sengupta, S. Glaser, A. Bayen. Mobile Transit Trip Planning with Real–Time Data. Presented at the Transportation Research Board , 2010

J. Jariyasunant, E. Mai, R. Sengupta. Algorithm for finding optimal paths in a public transit network with real–time data. To Be presented at the Transportation Research Board , 2011. This is close to the final version.


Presentation from Transportation Research Board 2010 (January 13th)
The presentation is a bit hard to follow without my voice describing the slides, but it should do for now until I post a video with voice describing the research in greater detail.

Poster from Transportation Research Board 2011 (January 24th)
This poster provides a quick summary of the 2011 paper.

Our First Demo in the Field

The first version of the software was written in April 2008 for a class called CS294 - Cellphones as a Computing Platform. For the class presentation, we filmed a demo of us using the app in Berkeley, CA. The first version was written for a Nokia N810 device. At the time of the demo, we did use AC Transit real-time data, but the current iPhone app does not support that because the data is not open for us to use.